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Demonstration of motion graphics, video editing and transitions.

(Pictures and sounds via Chris Gargiulo)


Compilation: After Effects

News Intro

Example of a news intro.

Graphics & Render: Cinema 4D

News Design

Several examples of designs meant for news shows.

Design: After Effects

Logo Design: Illustrator

Game Trailer

Example of an intro for a mobile game. 

Game graphics and videos provided by Boost Media.

Call to action banners and logo effects created by me.

Banners: Photoshop

Animation/ Compilation: After Effects

Plugins used: Trapcode Particular

Ad Example

Demonstration of motion graphics for an internet based ad.

Compilation: After Effects



Further characters & stylization to be added.

(Background and character vectors courtesy of Motion Design School)

Animation: After Effects

Vectors: Illustrator


Demonstration of motion graphics, video editing and matts.

(Video footage courtesy of PremiumBeat)


Compilation: After Effects

Text Editing

Demonstration of text editing techniques.


Compilation: After Effects

Cinematic Title

2D text beveled to look 3D.


Design: After Effects 

Cinematic Title

2D text beveled to look 3D with effects applied to simulate decay and erosion with moss and grass growth.


Design: After Effects

Cinematic Title

2D text beveled to look 3D with effects applied to simulate rust/ ash/ acid erosion.


Design: After Effects


University of Colorado Denver senior thesis short based on the children's book "The Pirate Cruncher" by Jonny Duddle.

In collaboration with James Dator-Frigon and Kyle Goertz.

I was responsible for the DAC logo intro section.

Motion Graphics: After Effects, Photoshop, Maya


Example of using Trapcode Particular plugin in After Effects.

Commercial Design

A 30 second example of a commercial.


Model, Lighting, Texture

& Animation: Maya

Rendering: Arnold

Other: Photoshop


Example of a public service announcement video.

Compilation: After Effects

Other: Photoshop CC

Camera Tracking

Camera tracking of text and image.

Compilation: After Effects

Movie Revamp

"Alien Vs. Predator" movie revamped as a love story.

Compilation: Premier Pro


Interesting reveal or background concept with pulsating hexagons.

Design: After Effects


Glowing globe asset.

Model: Maya MASH features


& Effects: After Effects

Animation Repeat

Falling aspen leaves capable of being played in a loop. Created for projection at a wedding.

Design: Photoshop

Animation: After Effects

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