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Scene Creation

Interior visualization.

Model &

Lighting: 3DS Max  

Rendering: Maxwell

Realistic 3D model and rending of a room environment
Scene Creation

Exterior visualization.

Model &

Lighting: 3DS Max 

Rendering: Maxwell

Realistic 3D model and rending of a patio environment
Short Film

The Pirate Cruncher

Animation of the children's book "The Pirate Cruncher" by Jonny Duddle. Made by the University of Colorado's 3D Animation class of 2017.

Model: Maya 

Texture: Mari, Photoshop

Rendering: Arnold

Motion Graphics: After Effects, Premiere

I am responsible for:

  • Modeling/ texturing environmental assets

    • Buildings #3 & 8

  • Set dressing

  • Captain & Boggs Characters:

    • Rigging (Human IK)

    • Connecting blendshapes

  • Proof of concept of clothing and cloth simulation

  • Assist with final simulation of cloth as needed

  • Assist with lighting scenes as needed

  • Motion Graphics for intro credits

I was responsible for:

  • Assets: clocktower, generator building, generator towers, circular building

  • Cameras: generator building and others as needed

  • File management and organization as needed

  • Assist in setting up render settings

  • Cloud creation (omitted from final video due to time constraints)

Generator Tower
Generator Building
Cylindrical Building

Island From "Myst" Game

Recreation of "Myst" island and it's assets. Look is to be for 50 years after humans.


This was a group project, team members can be found at the end of the video.


Model: Maya, Blender

Lighting: Maya 

Rendering: Arnold

Other Programs Used: Houdini, After Effects, Blender, Premiere

2D Scene

Nature visualization

Model: Illustrator

2D mountain scene graphic
Project Concept

Concept video for a parking area incorporating solar panels and wind turbines.  

(Shown with permission from Wind Soleil. Visit them at

Modeling: Maya

Texture: Photoshop

Rendering: Arnold

Other: After Effects

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