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Motion Capture

Group project (using default 3D characters) to demonstrate basic motion capture skills such as:

- Prepare actors in mo cap suits

- Calibrate camera and set up stage.

- Capture and clean data.

- Compile separate data into one scene.

- Render and edit into a short video.


I was responsible for obtaining clean data for the Captain (standing) and the cross-legged character just to the left of the Captain. Prepared and performed a majority of character compilation and assisted with cameras and rendering.


Mo Cap: Motion Builder

Render: Maya / Arnold

Video Compilation: Premier

Blend Shapes

Example of a character rigged using The Setup Machine. Facial rig uses blend shapes. Controls linked to blend shapes using Chi Facial.


Model: Maya

Rig: The Setup Machine

Facial Rig: Chi Facial

Blend Shape Rig

Example of a character rigged using MGear. Facial rig uses blend shapes.


Model: Maya

Rig: MGear

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